Chronicles of China – September 11, 2014

Hell of all hells, I’ve lost my gorgeous prostitute coin at the airport today. I’m really bummed about this. I loved that coin. I’m hoping James can go back to the market and find another for me. I hope whomever finds it appreciates it.

Well today I’ve flown to Guangzhou to meet up with the SMTH group. (No I’m not missing the “i”. It’s not Smith.) We had lunch and then went to check into our hotel. We got there only to find out that they’d given our rooms away because they have a large convention happening and today is their last day so they didn’t have our rooms available. They sent us to the hotel a block away and we were given the top floor suites. Lush and decadent. My room has a massive tub with a glass enclosure shower at its base. The decadent part is that the tub is encased in glass and you can see into the bathroom from the bedroom. Plus, I have a huge bay window overlooking the central avenue and a wonderful palisade archway to drive through.

Well, I’ve showered, changed, and now am relaxing as I await Tracy to arrive. I’ll try to get this uploaded to the internet today but in Guangzhou the hotels have no internet in your room…grrrrr…so I have to truck on down to the lobby to get reception or the business center.

More later…

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley

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