Join Dr. Charley Ferrer ferrer eCourses on various topics.

All eCourses are self-paced. Responses to assignments are provided within 24-48 hours during normal business hours. If an immediate response is required, please contact our offices.

Our eCourses are currently available through print format only. Digital formats in audio and MP3 are coming soon.


BDSM Introduction


BDSM Advanced


The W.I.S.E Journey for the Sensual Woman — coming soon!



eCourses designed specifically for Authors

BDSM for Writers — The Basics


BDSM for Writers — Advanced


Basic Psychotic Disorders  — coming soon!

Criminal minds: Let your villains soar!  — coming soon!

PTSD and Victim mentality — coming soon!


Please contact us with any questions or if you have any eCourse ideas you’d like us to consider. You never know, it might already be in the works.


All eCourses are intended for mature audiences only over the age of consent. Participants should be ages 18 years and up.

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