Chronicles of China – Returning home

Dr. Charley Ferrer, Tracy Tsui, Guangzhou, China Chronicles

Dr. Charley Ferrer & Tracy Tsui

My last two days in China were full of work and fun. We spend September 15 preparing for the workshop aspect I was going to speak on and going over the topics we would discuss and how it should be presented. I worked with Max & Christine to prepare the power point presentations, translating them into Chinese. That night, I also met with Tracy, the marketing coordinator and Yuna’s partner, to go over our interpretations of the material. As the 200 women attending did not speak English, Tracy would be translating my material and add a bit of her own insight as well as marketing a little.

On September 16, Tracy and I were on stage from 10:00 am through 4:30 pm discussing various aspects of sexuality and going over ways women could increase their sex appeal and feel comfortable with their husbands. I will admit I felt like I was in a Chinese Movie where the characters would say a few words in English but the actors in the film were still talking in Chinese. The fact that the event was also being filmed lent itself to that as well. I would catch myself chuckling a little as the thought struck me while I was on stage.

It was lots of fun and interesting to conduct the workshop. It was the first time I’ve had my workshops translated as I was standing there. I’m currently learning Chinese, Mandarin, so that I’ll be able to speak and understand participants when I return in a few months.

After the conference, several of the women approached me to ask more personal questions than the ones I answered for them as part of the conference. I found it interesting that many of the questions asked were about ways to “please their husbands.” (The focus in China still being about putting the man’s needs first.) However there were the typical questions about having trouble reaching orgasm, and what to do if you or your partner had low sexual desire.

Chronicles of China, Guangzhou, Dr. Charley Ferrer

Dr. Charley Ferrer, Yu Na, Tracy Tsui

On September 17, I made my return trip home. I rested most of the way home getting a good nine-hours of sleep on the plane. Do so love those little cubicles they have in business class where you can actually turn your chair into a bed. I remember flying coach on my first trip to China. It was a horrible grueling 18-hour flight; though more expensive, Business Class is the only way to travel on long trips over five hours.

As I say good-bye to my adventure in China, I do so with the knowledge that I’ll soon be returning to conduct more workshops with both the women of China and the medical community there. I’m already planning my return trip for some time in April/May 2015 with a week at another Chinese location like Shanghai or Yunnan Province. Plus, I’d like to see another aspect of the Great Wall and walk it a little further next time.

And thought this adventure may be over, there are many more adventures I’ll be experiencing in the US which I will start writing about in the weeks and months ahead.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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