Chronicles of China September 14, 2014 Part II

Chronicals of China, Dr. Eros, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Guangzhou

Yuna’s Dr. Eros.

The opening ceremony last night for Dr. Eros was akin to the Academy Awards ceremony. YuNa spared no expense. There were male escorts to walk you down the “Red Carpet”. Two MC’s to help the event flow. They even had a small skit about the difficulties couples face in keeping the passion alive in their relationship.

China doesn’t condone pre-marital sex though it is practiced. It also speaks of sex in the sense of relationships—marital relationships in particular. As the distinguished guest of honor, I was provided with the privilege of helping present graduates from the company’s Sexology Course with their certificates.

Chronicals of China, Dr. Eros, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Guangzhou

Dr. Charley, Yuna & Tracy

One of the major cultural differences between China and the US is that in America, women will go to the Therapist when they have a problem. In China, women go to the Spa for answers and to get away from their problems. Not really too different than the US when you consider it. The only difference is that in the Spas in China, which cater toward middle and upper class women, many of the best Spas are now offering a place for women to learn and educate themselves on how to become more attractive to their partner and have a better relationship. They build a relationship with the “Intimacy Consultants” and learn to discuss issues to find a solution for their problem. (Psychotherapy is still not common in China.) I’ve been hired to create an “Intimacy Consultant Program” for Spa owners to use to educate their staff and their clients. I’m working on a similar program for the US.

I’ve included a few pictures of the event. Did I mention the gorgeous Ukrainian men who were hired to escort us down the aisle?

Chronicals of China, Dr. Eros, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Guangzhou

Our escorts

Though I couldn’t understand what the Yuna, the Founder of Dr. Eros was saying, I did see how she motivated the women into empowerment themselves. Yes, it’s still a “man’s world” in China and over 90% of the women and men are focused on how the woman can please her man and build a better relationship.

Tomorrow, is my portion of the workshop. I’ll be speaking for 8-hours. Afterward, we have a quick dinner an leave for the airport to return home. Good thing I am flying business class and have one of those pullout beds on the plane. I figure I’ll be exhausted by then.

My trip has been an amazing adventure. I look forward to returning in a few months to conduct more workshops and more education.


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