Happy New Year


What a fabulous year I have planned for you: Special events, Gifts, surprises and more!

To start the year off we have author Paige Matthews joining us talking about life, BDSM, and her latest book, Crossroads.

Plus, Paige is my first guest of the year for my new LIVE CHAT program every Monday at 9pm ET. Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but didn’t know who to ask will be discussed. Learn some IDIOT PROOF SEX TIPS to help prepare you for life’s little quirks and his (hers) too.

The LIVE CHAT will also cover information about BDSM Writers Con and much more. Plus each week our guests will provide you with opportunities to win amazing gifts. Sign up for my LIVE CHAT today and be entered to win prizes and giveaways.

For the first quarter of 2014, I want to help 1,000 men and women claim their sensual and sexual birth right! I want to share with them ancient wisdom and modern sexual techniques, to help them along their sensual journey. This is why I created 365-Love & Sex Tips.

Every day you’ll receive one new LOVE & SEX TIP to help you become the type of lover you’ve only read about in romance novels. Smiles…yes, it is possible! Plus you’ll learn sensual wisdom long since forgotten and new ways to make your love and life sparkle. Sign up today to change the way you view love and sex and help me reach 1,000 men and women by April.

Plus here’s a NEW YEAR’S GIFT from me to you.

* Get my ebooks FREE when you purchase it’s paperback from me or Amazon.

* Get 50% off all my eCourses

* Buy one–Get One FREE you purchase 365-LOVE & SEX TIPS

PLUS, if you sign up for BDSM WRITERS CON today, we’ll make your final payment.

But you have to hurry. Offer ends Friday, January 10.

Making 2014 the year you claim your sensual and sexual birth right!



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