Guest on the Dr. Oz show

The Dr. Oz ShowI was a guest on the Dr. Oz Show.

December 11, 2013 was such a great day. I was invited to appear on the Dr. Oz.  I had such a blast. The set was hug and actually had two separate audience sections as well as a large area for his experiments.

Dr. Oz reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy who had a show on television for children teaching them science which my son was a child. (That was over twenty years ago so not sure if he’s still around now.) In the same way, Dr. Oz uses his quirky experiments to teach adults how their body works.

It’s a little weird to watch him use human body parts for his experiments; our show was one where he showed how the lungs and vocal cords work during insomnia and sleep apnea. I’ll admit I get a little squeamish. Hey, I’m not THAT KIND of doctor.  Yet, he does provide great info and makes you look at the body in a totally different light.

Dr. Oz took me through a guided meditation and asked me to think of a wonderful feeling and let myself experience it as I relaxed. All I could think of was, “WOW I’M ON THE DR. OZ SHOW! On national and international television.” And though I’ve had my own show in the past and have been on several television interviews around the world, well I just beamed with happiness because well this is DR. OZ. Voted one of the most handsome man in America a few years back. And yes, he does have that older distinguished gentleman’s air to him.

Afterward, I was invited to join his group of dancers; what I affectionately call his “Rocketts”. I chose the back row because of my two left feet. Steph taught us all a few moves to help us keep in shape and then set us free to dance dance dance as the music played, the audience cheered, and Dr. Oz danced along.

What I loved most was the fact that during intermissions (wardrobe changes and preparing for the next experiment), Dr. Oz had a comedian who entertains the audience. His jokes were so funny I had to cover my mouth a few times so I wouldn’t laugh too hard back stage.

I want to ensure to give a shout out to Ashley, his producer and Jennifer her assistant, who were so wonderful and energetic. Ashley is a powerhouse of motivation and friendliness making the experience even that much more amazing.

I look forward to being on his show again in the future. Hopefully next time Dr. Oz and I can talk about relationships. I look forward to hearing what he things of my book, Sex Unlimited which I left for him.

This segment was filmed December 11, 2013 and airs January 2014.

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